Sanskarit Parad / Parad Shivling हिंदी में पढ़ें

What is Parad and Parad Sanskar ?

In “Bhavaprakash Grantha” there are four types of mercury described.White, Red, Yellow and Black. White is the best in this. It is said in “Vaidyaka” that Mercury is anthelmintic, ophthalmic chemical, sweet nature and balsamic, tridiocidal, spermatorrhoea and in a way a complete antidote with six juices. Many impurities or doshas are found in the mercury; mal, visha, agni etc..

So it must be purified before use. Many methods of treating mercury are found in Vaidyaka’s texts.

The various stages of the purification process of the naturally occurring mercury are called Parad Sanskar . After the sanskar the mercury is freed from various impurities / doshas and becomes divine in nature. 

Why we should use Sanskarit Parad ?

In normal state, mercury has 8 types of Impurities or doshas.

  • Nag dosha (नाग दोष) – presence of lead / lead.
  • Vung Dosha (वंग दोष) – Presence of tin.
  • Mal Dosha (मल दोष )- Other metal present such as arsenic, sodium etc.
  • Vahi Dosha (वाहि दोष )- Presence of poisonous substances like arsenic, zinc etc.
  • Fickleness (चंचलता )- Parad is immense fickle which is impurity in itself.
  • Poison Dosha (विष दोष)- Parad has many toxic elements in it, which can make a person dead.
  • Giri Dosha (गिरी दोष ) – Parad contains many impurities due to its existence and surroundings.
  • Fire defect (अग्नि दोष )- Mercury evaporates at 357 °C which is itself an impurity.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform Sankars to make Parad pure and fruitful.

These 8 sanskaras makes mercury free from all doshas by combined with herbal extracts. Then It is completely free of zinc, lead or tin. Which are described in the textbooks of RaShastra as the doshas of Parad.

Rubbing this sanskarit mercury Shivling on clothes or on your hand will not show any kind of blackness.

This Asht Sanskarit Parad is free from poison and all kinds of impurities. Parad is the supreme element of the universe; it is the life element of Lord Shiva as written in the Vedas, Puranas and ancient text books of India.

So, Never go for ordinary toxic mercury or Parad product, always take Ashta Sanskarit Parad for your worship.

and Parad Shivling made by Ashta Sanskarit Parad that actually can be called Original Parad Shivling.

What are the types of Parad Sanskars ?

A total of 18 Sanskars of Parad (Rasa) are performed, of which the first eight sanskars are necessary to purify Mercury and transform it into medicinal grade pure, for the manufacture of medicines, chemicals and metalism, while the remaining 10 sanskaras are used for making Khechari Siddhi, metal conversion, Siddha yarn and gold.

The 18 Sanskars that Acharyas has told are the following –

1) Swedan (स्वेदन)2) Mardan (मर्दन)3) Murcchan (मूर्च्छन)
4) Utthapan (उत्थापन)5) Trividhpatan (त्रिविधपातन)6) Rodhan (रोधन)
7) Niyaman (नियामन)8) Sandipan (संदीपन)9) Gagan Bhakshan (गगनभक्षण)
10) Sancharan (संचारण)11) Garbhduti (गर्भदुती)12) baheryaduti बार्ह्यादुती
13) Jaran (जारण)14) Ranjan (रंजन)15) Saran (सारण)
16) Sankraman (संक्रामण)17) Vedhan (वेधन)18) Shariryog (शरीरयोग)

Benefits of Asth Sanskarit Parad

If Parad is Ashta-sanskarit (siddha), then the benefits obtained cannot be compared. Sanskrit Parad is considered to be of great welfare for darshan, holding and worship. Similarly, it is possible to get desired results in life by the use of other items made of Ashta Sanskarit Parad such as Parad Shivling, Parad Shankh, Parad Shriyantra, etc. It is said in the text named Raschandashuh-

शताश्वमेधेन कृतेन पुण्यं गोकोटिभि: स्वर्णसहस्रदानात।
नृणां भवेत् सूतकदर्शनेन यत्सर्वतीर्थेषु कृताभिषेकात्॥6॥

That is, after performing a hundred Ashwamedha Yagya, after donating one crore cows or after donating one thousand coins of gold and after taking abhishek (bathing) with the water of all the pilgrimages, the same virtue is obtained only by Parad. It is only by sight.

According to ancient Indian scriptures like Skanda Purana, Ras Ratnakar, Nighantu Prakash, Shivnirnaya Ratnakar etc., made of Parad Shivling, Parad Conch, Parad Shriyantra, Parad Gutika, Parad Pendant, Parad Pyramid, Parad Lakshmi Ganesh, Parad Patra, Parad Mudrik etc. benefits are received.

Using Geniune Ashta Sanskarit Parad brings success both in Materialistic and Spiritualistic 

How to identify Original Parad Shivling or Ashta Sanskarit Parad Shivling ?

Mercury is naturally quite toxic. Only after the Ashta is sanskarit, it becomes worthy of daily worship. Use the following methods to find out whether Parad is Ashta Sanskar or not:

  • Parad Shivling or Gutika should be able to grasp gold. It has been seen that some people sell beautiful but fake Parad Shivling made of iron or steel. If there is mercury, then only gold will be acquired.
  • Rubbing Parad Shivling or Parad Gutika on hands or Cotton clothes should not give black mark. Because it has been found that some people buy mercury from the market and make it solid by getting it processed with Copper Sulfate etc. and sell it after making Shivling. Such mercury can be fatal, can cause cancer.
  • If Parad Gutika is boiled in milk, then the milk should not spoil, give bad odor, nor go-off or freeze. Only Ashta Sanskar Parad attains purity up to medicinal level, which does not react adversely with milk.
  • If liquid mercury is poured from above on Parad Shivling, it should pass through it. This confirms that that Parad Ashta is sanskar and has been properly bonded.

Whenever you take any material made from Parad, make sure it through the above tests that it is made from pure Asht Sanskarit Parad. 

What is NavaPashanam

Navapashanam is an alchemical combination formulated more than 5,000 years ago by Siddha Sant Bogar, in India. It is an amalgam of nine poisonous herbs.

Saint Bogar said that 32 types of natural poisons (medicines) and 32 types of synthesized poisons (medicines) are found in nature. By combining any 9 of these, a divine compound “Navapashanam” can be prepared.

He himself built a Deity of Lord Muruga and established it in Palani, Tamil Nadu, India. There people are taking advantage of its divine ayurvedic qualities for centuries.

In the scripture “Goraksha Samhita” also, 9 divine gems were described by these elements to build the Navapashanam. These elements are mixed together and combined with the extract of the divine herbs.

During the combination process, the nine poisons are transmuted into a powerful new form with medicinal and spiritual properties. The nine medicinal minerals used in the process are: 1). Pink Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Jungle Ruby, Pearl, Jade Stone, Kyanite Clear stone, Green Aventurine, Sulphur Stone Copper and Natural Copper.

Benefits of NavaPashanam

  • Navapashanam is known to contain extremely high positive energy or be considered as a master medicine. Navapashanam acts as a catalyst to awaken the Self that then knows how to transmute negative energy into positive energy.
  • Navasanam increases the spiritual energy and vibrates the kundalini chakras.
  • It helps in the awakening of Kundalini.
  • Negative energy does not work due to wearing NavaPashanam. It provides complete security against free negative energy of the environment.
  • As per Goraksha Samhita (गोरक्ष संहिता), it can be used to remove many Dosha. Such as Mangal Dosha, Pitru Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha and many problems related to malefic planets.
  • Wearing NavaPashanam gives full positive energy, an intense brain and healthy body.
  • It is especially fruitful in sadhana and brings about wishes and success.

Uses of NavaPashanam

  • NavaPashanam can be used as NavaPashanam beads, NavaPashanam rosary, NavaPashanam bowl, NavaPashanam Bracelet, NavaPashanam Shivling or any other Deity statue.
  • High level spiritual and Ayurvedic benefits can be availed by wearing a garland made of beads of NavaPashanam. By chanting with the rosary of 54 or 108 beads. Not only the benefits of mercury garland are received, but the energy of the nine divine natural gems also gets benefits.
  • By wearing this garland around the neck and meditating, positive and divine changes take place in the aura of the seeker. His aura begins to expand. With this, the awakening process starts in his Kundalini.
  • The importance of NavaPashanam Shivalinga is similar to the Pardeshwar Shivalinga. If anyone can give more benefits than Parad Shivling, then it is NavaPashanam Shivling. Vastu defects of the entire site begin to be eliminated. For this NavaPashanam Banalinga or NavaPashanam Shivalinga is consecrated at his residence or business site.
  • The sins of the creatures residing in its fixed periphery begin to fade and auspiciousness begins to expand in his life. On special occasions of Shivalinga, Rudrabhishek and the person who performs Jalabhishek everyday, destroys the destiny of birth after birth.
  • After taking Jalabhishekam and taking it as a Prasadam, amazing changes take place in the person’s subtle body. Prana kosha, which causes divinity in his aura and erosion of toxic elements in the cells of the body. It gives him amazing arithmetic and physical fitness. It starts happening and the effect of age slows down on his body.
  • It can also be taken advantage of by holding the NavaPashanam pellet in the throat or wrist. It can bring higher spiritual and ayurvedic benefits. The holder of its pellets gets the benefits of mercury pellet at the time of chanting. But also gets the benefit of the energy of nine divine natural gems.
  • Wearing this pellet around the neck and meditating, positive and divine changes occur in the aura of the seeker. His aura begins to expand. With this, the awakening process starts in his Kundalini.
  • Many holders have also described many types of medicinal benefits. Such as, drinking this water, by keeping this pellet in water for a certain time. Although DHUMRA GEMS does not recommend any such internal intake, the scriptures also describe its many medicinal benefits.
  • Also Gutika can be placed in the foundation of houses or offices. So that the flow of negative energy does not enter the premises. 

What is AshtaDhatu ?

In India, Since ancient times, the deity made of Ashtadhatu established there, has been the main source of energy for all the energetic temples. The idols of Lord Vishnu and their various forms such as Shri Krishna, Narasimha Bhagwan, Shri Ram etc., were made of Ashtadhatu. Which can be seen even today in famous Devasthali or Museums.

Ashtadhatu is made up of eight metals i.e. Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Lead, Iron, and Mercury (rasa). And each metal should be in the equal quantity (12.5% each metal ) in the forming of Ashtadhatu

After long research, Dhumra Gems has manufactured Ashtadhatu in his laboratory using the method described in the ancient scriptures. Now you too can get the privilege of installing the Deity made from pure Ashtadhatu in your place of worship.

According to astrology, there is energy contained in every metal. If the metals are worn at the right time and by observing the correct position of the planets. with the help of this the best positive effect is obtained, otherwise the metal also gives the opposite effect.

Benefits of AshtaDhatu

  • Genuine Ashtadhatu is a very powerful combination of all eight divine metals in elemental form. It creates a very strong positive vibe around its centre point.
  • That’s why any person who establishes any deity idol of Ashtadhatu in its residence or workplace. He starts gaining the ability of deep attraction to others. These Idols can be Ashtadhatu Laddu Gopal , Ashtadhatu Krishna Idol Bal / Bal Gopal Ashtadhatu Shivling etc. And this makes him/her the leader of its community with very less effort.
  • Genuine Ashtadhatu has a very great ability to connect humans with divine energy which we can say is natural energy. Due to this one can easily get into meditation, concentrate itself onto its Chakras. And makes its Aura very pure and powerful.
  • If you use any item made of Genuine Ashtadhatu or install it in the house. You can pacify the pain caused by all the nine planets.
  • Genuine Ashtadhatu has a deep connection with the health of the wearer. It also gives strength to the heart and prevents many types of diseases of human beings.
  • On wearing a Genuine Ashtadhatu ring or a bracelet, it removes mental tension and brings peace to the mind. Not only this, the vata – pitta – kapha harmonizes in such a way that diseases are less. And there is a good effect on health.
  • Genuine Ashtadhatu also has a profound effect on the brain. Wearing Genuine Ashtadhatu increases the ability of a person to make quick and right decisions. Gradually, prosperity increases.
  • To wear a Genuine Ashtadhatu ring in a Locket in an auspicious time for business development and to awaken luck. It is a very effective remedy to arouse fortune.

The side effects of fake AshtaDhatu

Since long time, the procedure of making Genuine Ashtadhatu has been hidden. Because it is a very rare and secret formula to combine eight divine metals into one. So for many decades cheaters used to make fake Ashtadhatu and selling it to people in very cheap price.

And because this is fake and metals are not in actual proportion, it started activating negative vibes around wearer. And the life of user becomes very unsuccessful and unhealthy. Due to fake Ashtadhatu the user started to become pessimistic and he also finds his surrounding with negative people and thoughts.

Also imbalanced proportion of metals disturbed the effect of planets on user. It also started lots of difficulties in life.

So always beware of cheap and fake Ashtadhatu products

How to identify AshtaDhatu / AshtaDhatu ki pahchan ?

Although there are many types of tests which performs in Scientific Laboratories to identify the elements present in any object claiming AshtaDhatu yet they are not easily accessible or affordable to common people who want to purchase any small object or idol of Ashtadhatu. Some of these tests are ;

  • Positive Metal Identification (PMI) that uses X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES). 
  • Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometer (LIBS)

But these tests are not very affordable to common people for each type of object, so we can first generally compare itself by calculating the price. The genuine Ashtadhatu contains 12.5% of Gold + 12.5% of silver. So the base cost of Ashtadhatu must not be less than the amount of gold and Silver which present in that Ashtadhatu product. Rather it must be very much higher than that, because Gold and Silver are also purified before using for forming Ashtadhatu.

For example:

A product which is claimed to be of Genuine Ashtadhatu, is of 100gm. It must have 12.5gm of purified Gold. Let’s suppose the price of Gold is 50,000 INR for 10 gms. So the price of Ashtadhatu must not be less than 60-70 thousand INR.

Actually it must be of more than 2 lakh INR, because the costing includes cost of other metals, their purification process, time taken, herbal products and other expenses.

So now you can easily understand, why people never got any benefits when they buy any low-priced ashtadhatu article from a local shops or road side vendors. They actually sells you a simple ring or article made up of iron etc.

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